2013-2014 Policy brief on road blocks on main transit track routes

A contrast analysis of the 2012 and 2013-104 findings shows officially enforced read blocks, with an exception of TRA checkpoints are on the rise. Press release More 2013-2014 Policy Brief  More , Full dataset contact Centre for Economic Prosperity

Did they work for us?

An analysis of the performance of Members of Parliament (MPs) has shown that MPs from parties with less seats tend to make the most interventions on average. The assessment considers interventions made by MPs during the first two years of the 2010 – 2015 parliamentary term.  Did they work for us?More Press release English More Press release SwahiliMoreComplete DatasetMore

Dar es Salaam Primary Schools | Do parents act to improve child learning?

Do parents in Dar es Salaam act to support their child’s learning process? Do students in Dar es Salaam primary schools have access to textbooks? When the support from the government is falling short do parents fill the gap?More

2012 Policy brief on road blocks on main transit truck routes

This policy brief has summarized main findings on several stops made by truck drivers along the transit routes in a simplest way for easy uptake by the stakeholders.More For Complete 2012 dataset please contact Centre for Economic Prosperity (CEP)

2011 Policy brief on road blocks on main truck transit routes

The time spent on transport and logistics in Tanzania is relatively longer compared to other countries in the region, making Tanzania uncompetitive in the global market.This brief explores what happens during various stops made by trucks along the main transit routes. It raises questions whether all the check stops on transit routes as currently enforced are necessary More

Gongolamboto ADB Report

The impact of the Gongolamboto arms depot blast to the people in Majohe, Gongolamboto,Pugu Bombani and Ukonga is devastating. More

When cost of not doing is higher than cost of doing it…

It is undisputed that congestion is slowing down economic activities in the city without mercy, thus arresting production unnecessarily. How far has the problem been taken seriously to the tune of the city’s importance in the national economy?  More

Is the law thrown out of the window?

While tax payers (citizens’) vehicles queue to pay and get on board of the Kigamboni ferry, public servants’ vehicles are often found to not pay and skip the queue. But who has more privilege over the other? More

Nine Solutions to Ease Congestion in Dar es Salaam

This brief is the first in the series of the People’s Views on Business Environment in Dar es Salaam, the associated red-tape and how to ease them More

2010 Policy brief on road blocks on Tanzania's main truck routes

The cost of transport and logistics in Tanzania are high, making Tanzania uncompetitive in the global market and providing an obstacle for (agricultural) development, growth and poverty reduction... More

Data Visualization

It takes an average of 1 hour 21 minutes to drive 16km...

The business environment in Dar es Salaam is seriously affected by congestion and an apparent laxity in terms of city’s infrastructure improvement and expansionMore